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22 W. Nelson Street
Lexington, VA 24450


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electric pilates

Opening the doors to Electric Pilates is an idea come to life that Courtney May has carried in her heart for years. Dedicated to creating + fostering an inclusive, supportive + uplifting community within the walls of the studio, Courtney May hopes the energy + feeling created here will continue to expand far beyond once class is over. 


EP fully encourages and supports pushing comfort zones, both individually and collectively. For some, pushing that comfort zone may simply be showing up for yourself and walking through the front door. We're grateful to welcome you here. 


Our pilates classes are heated, creating an additional challenge + opportunity to connect with ourselves.  As we move through our practice, we burn through the excess built up in our brains and bodies. We wring out and rinse, again and again. 


A safe and effective Pilates practice requires complete concentration (being fully present) to maintain control and assist with coordination, breathwork + centering. Think of this practice as a brief mental vacation from the day to day while you work on stretching and strengthening your physical body + mind together as one. 


We can do hard things. Don't play small, it doesn't serve you. Come play big, have fun with us, and leave fully charged!


Cmay + the EP team 

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