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22 W. Nelson Street
Lexington, VA 24450


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Leave Fully Charged

Haven't heard of hot reformer before? Neither had we, so we set out to make it happen. Taking the best parts of pilates, we added a few elements to really make it spark, with a full-body workout that will leave you fully charged!


We call ourselves "electric" for a few reasons:

  • We heat the room as hot as our historic building will allow to maximize the release of toxins from the body throughout your practice.

  • While there is actual electricity in the human body, we truly feel when you leave a reformer session you will feel more alert, alive, vibrant, and fully charged.

  • By turning on your body, tuning into your mind, and dropping out of the “static” of open brain browsers, endless To-Do Lists, and day to day life,  your body and mind get the chance to drop into each other, reconnect, and recharge.

go | glow | repeat

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We can do hard things and still have a good time.


Whether you're a beginner looking for a new workout or an experienced pilates practitioner, there's something for everyone at Electric Pilates!

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Meet Our Instructors

Courtney May Cabaniss

Pilates Reformer, Owner

Miriam Austin

Pilates Reformer


22 W Nelson Street • Lexington, VA 24450 • 843.214.4125

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